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LERPnet2.0 provides an industry data sharing platform for retailers to report, share and analyze their retail theft and critical incident data.  It is designed to be the national standard for sharing retail crime information in a secure and confidential manner. Incident details may be shared with law enforcement while retailers take advantage the many system tools including:  automated alerts and recent activity notifications; intelligent link-analysis; investigation collaboration tools; full text search capability; and advanced system reporting. With LERPnet2.0, retailers and law enforcement will be able to fight back against illegal activity including organized retail crime, burglaries, robberies, counterfeiting, and online auction fraud.

The new LERPnet2.0 system premiered at the NRF LP Show in Dallas, TX on June 13th to an overwhelming response. If you missed it, don't worry. Check out the LERPnet System Launch Data Sheet located under the Latest News section below. In addition, we have set up a schedule of online webinars available to retailers to demonstrate the systems new features and capabilities. To check out the schedule of available dates and sign up for one of the webinars, click here!


The Evolution of Data Sharing in Retail's Battle Against ORC
July 15, 2011

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The Rise in Retail Theft
June 17, 2011

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System Launch Data Sheet
Updated August 11, 2011

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LERPnet2.0 Frequently Asked Questions
Updated June 17th, 2011

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Our Data Share Support Specialists will help get you started with getting your data into the system, help you with your initial system training and will support you in your ongoing use of the application.  In addition, our Data Analysts will also be working to help surface patterns and trends to alert you of suspicious events, related incidents and serial activity.   Visit our Support Page to learn more about these services:

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